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Roy Tribble/Justin Tribble not a watchdog but rather just a DOG! Super Signals is nothing but WACK

Sorry for my first post in the forum to be negative, I hope others might take this very seriously as the word needs to get out about this joker. I am sure he will turn up at this thread at some point to defend himself, please do son... Not to mention he will remove all the evidence around the web. Maybe Roy/Justin can answer a few question. the honest truth is, I came across this site hoping to get some google love so people can see this post and be warned. If this post is not approved, I have to wonder, are there any honest people in binary...? I have collected all the evidence, and it doesn't look very good for Mr Tribble. False promises, dud software (and I mean DUD) and fake testimonies, says it all. Not sure if I can post links, but I will SPACE all the "www" so its not clickable.

I have created a video explaining my madness... :) just taking WAY TOO LONG to upload..

Based on my research: I have provided notes next to the URL

http - (This site was created to impersonate some guy called Dr Bill Weld) You can see from the URL when it was created - to spell it out (2013_11_01) This also matches other details.

www . (ABCnews,NOT TO BORE YOU - this is about how Justin become known to the American nation, I warn you its not very attractive.

www . (This is where this dude exposes Justin - and if you take a look in the comments, you will see Mr Tribble has commented. BUT... The youtube channel used to be under Justin tribble, but now its been changed to Roy Tribble.

www . (Mr Tribble also commented on this video way back then)

LINK: http - (pay close attention to the drivers ID - Justin Roy Tribble... :-O how stupid....

LINK: http -

LINK; www . (this image was bought for this video - for all the other videos he has clearly made his disclaimer visible. But why not this video? Because its a live (at the time) phone call. You will also hear the phone call is fake, Mr Tribble has edited the voice (to slow it down).Dont want to take my word for it, check the other videos posted about Justin Tribble where a guy explains how Justin tribble actually gets a way with this.

LINK: www . - (I HATE to offer a link to this scam site as well. But this is where it all come from, just look at the conversation. Thanks BinaryOptionsWatchScamBags . com - I like that name.

I might be wrong about the whole thing... But I know there are lots of people who have followed his advice and still not received his software: If they have, feeling disappointed after spending $400 (the cost to fund binary account) x 20 systems (systems= auto binary software), you do the match on that.


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    Whatever all of that is ok for entertainment but has nothing to do with trading all the NOOBS that look for short cuts instead of education and learning to trade binary options or forex in a disciplined structured manner will simple.... SUFFER!!! Stupid people get stupid results period...

    Damn that is the kind of marketing even Freeman did not think of lol! that is hilarious. This shows what these marketers hijacking reality with scams and misinformation do to others such as what this guy has done with you and the bible thumpers..
  • Its all good and well saying that, as you are or seem experienced in this field... for example, if you are backpacking in a country you have never been too (which is the whole purpose of backpacking) and ask for directions, you were directed to an ally way to be beaten up, I guess its the person fault for asking for directions.

    Or another example... one is searching online looking for binary option training, and you find a site that offers a legitimate broker (we assume) after doing our research. Then the broker doesnt withdraw our money. I guess that is the noobs fault too, right?

    This is a guy who is taking advantage of noobs, but I guess that is noob fault too.
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    What are you a phucktard? You see a guy naked with a tinfoil hat at the side of the road maybe you should ask somebody else for directions ya think? You do research ok you go to different sites and look at things in an objective manner. If idiots like you actually put in the time to do the footwork instead of being GREEDY STUPID KUNTS, then you would not be taken in by scammers like Michael or Roy. Both of them are DOUCHEBAGS who can't trade for SH*T...
  • Nope not a phuckard, a fucktard :) thank you. Yes, admittedly I have been done in. All hale you, I guess you have NEVER been hit in any niche of market, well done. Twat!

    Im not in any pissing competition with you...

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    ROFL its ok so you got burned get over it... The reason people get burned is they want to make money with out doing any work = greedy lazy stupid kunts that are food for marketers... Simple and you hope people learn their lesson by being bent over and ____ed with no lube. As you will see people spend their time searching for easy money instead of listening to somebody like me that tells them the TRUTH. The truth is not as popular as a scam system that lies and tells phucktards they will make tons of money with no work or knowledge while they get their cawks sucked by young japanese schoolgirls sipping cocktails on vacation in Aruba...

    I posted on his channel by the way that he is no different then Michael Freeman, both are lying scumbags..
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    Example of a future phuckjob = Options Domination. I have my popcorn ready to listen to people B*tch about that one NEXT...
  • Absolutely no one wants to be fuked in the ass, unless one likes it. ANYWAYS..

    As you mentioned, I created this to HOPEFULLY help others. I now realise you might be arrogant (no offence), but there is SOME truth into what you said. Besides, its very hard to trust a forum site, most are influenced with comments (I have NOW released) which is why I personally though you were an ass.

    Anyways, thanks for commenting, I will be searching this forum looking for tips.

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    Oh, heres the video, I created --->

    You will need popcorn for this
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Very good job ScumbagReviews! I just like your name haha. Testimonies? You made a new word up cool, sounds very italian... We need more people like you who will take the time to make vids that expose douchebags like this.
  • RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    Well Done ScumBagReview!!! Fortunately for me I have not been scammed by this IDIOT.

    I understand how you must feel - I have been scammed by Michael Freeman after doing a lot of research. At that time I did not have the truthful relevant information - in the end all the good and excellent reviews, clients, etc where all one and the same person/institution. After realizing that I have been a victim - I was angry at myself. I for one take pride in making very very VERY Calculated Risks and have always done so in all aspects of my life. That is just the type of person I am - but the hard lesson I learned in the BO World is that this is extremely hard to be successful at this. I can relate that newbies will look for help or even better still have something or someone to do it for them. So in essence what I am saying is what is repeated over and over on this sites forums..........there is no system or software or robot or anything that will be able to do this for you and help you make decent money from it. The truth is that most probably you will lose. Learn to trade - this is the only way. But I know very well that at this very moment I am preaching to the converted.

    BTW..........Lotz does offer mentorship complete free on Live Chat most of the time. You will not just be able to see him take LIVE trades BUT EVEN BETTER STILL HEAR HIM EXPLAIN WHY HE TOOK THAT TRADE. No BS, no fake testimonies, no nothing expect see a trader making successful trades LIVE. To me this is worth LOTZ
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    haha very funny a pun... Yes join chat now make 7 million in 7 days or less! Please donate to the lotzofbotz foundation for small breasted homeless aborigines midget nymphomaniacs... Or as I call them spinners from down under!
  • I do have a list of made up words, goes down nicely.. haha cheers guys about the video.

    Iv been online since 2010, and done very well, by being smarter than the average bear.. haha. But this time, I got my balls squeezed.

    its tough love. As my dad once said, "if you dont listen, you must feel." I can only hope this gets out and warns people. Time to learn candles :-/
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    For a few seconds I was literally dying from laughing from the exchange between ScumB and Lotz. Scum... your posting was well intentioned, but welcome to LotzWorld. He has been doing this so long, you have to understand how he can no longer be empathetic to what must be a large army of mental virgins grazing the web to learn to make some money;and fall prey to an even larger army of worldly savvy Aholes just to happy to teach you how to park your cash in their bank accounts. Experience is always experience, you'll learn it the hard way by losing your money or you'll gain it through some effort-your choice. Anyway, I wish all you rat bastards would clean up some of your language for us bible thumpers. lol. What's a phucktard, anyway? Is that a guy who 'comes' late...kind of opposite of a premature E type of person? lol. Even before attempting to learn binary trading, I already knew what affects/moves the market....a shyte load of bored gfriends and wives.
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
  • truthordaretruthordare Posts: 8
    Let us see what the guy have to say about this!
  • davemdavem Posts: 2
    Roy was one of the first ones I eliminated in my list and marked him as scam. Well, his scam is somehow stupid. You register with at least 20 and I will give you my software!!! lol was easy to catch. Mike was the one who got me but thanks to here did not get tricked finally and stayed safe! I'm an AI scientist and machine learning expert. So doing something that Roy claims to do makes very much sense. Having a classifier which works based on majority of votes is a well respected practice in prediction. What I'm always puzzled/surprised is that why no one is willing to come up with a system to predict and send signals and I'm telling you this is not a rocket science or some magic. A system can learn from bunch of historical data and can perform well above 50%. I wish I did not have a full time job to invest on this. Although what I need is data (all win and lost cases) which is collected by any broker/system. Then it's not too difficult to come up with a classifier/prediction system.
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    Yes!! You have done a good job this guy need to be stop, and he is still telling people about these systems that are totally scams. This guy told me he will mentor me and guide us in the plain path of option trading all we had to do is followed his instruction, he will test the system test the brokers and all we had to do is sign up for those he pronounce to be well ethical. Hey I have done it to the teeth I left nothing undone, this guy says his Super Signal Software is fine tune so we could make money, and I believed him a lot of people trusted this guy some may be seem foolish or stupid to tell. I can even post screen shot of all the system I required through this blasted thief mentoring with ROY TRIBBLE

    There should be a way to stop this crook, the software he spoke about is worthless it never work a matter of fact it was not design to work, it was all a Scam, He sent me three different version of this stupid thing. But what Roy did not know I had a programmer test it and he told me this is only good to throw in to the garbage bin it will never make a dime its a basic file put together to Scam people.

    This guy is such a liar, after finding out the type of person he is, when confronted he start to defend his self by saying he did not trust you because bla..bla....etc he just have a loads of story. I am started to think people like these must have some kind of mental deficiency why they are so ruthless to- wards humans they just want to take all the money they can easily from the vulnerable.

    I can understand individuals will say's it could not happened to them, we all have different experience in life, never say never, Like the comments above, who is really this man is that his real name is he a male or female, what his ethnicity, where does he live, there are so many question about this guy he must be stop.
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    That is not likely to happen trading is a GRIND people who want to follow scammers do so because they are greedy & lack knowledge. The scammers simply play on this fact. The people scammed often did not do any research either because most of the time they are very easy to spot. Once people see how boring trading really is they for the most part lose interest. The STUPIDS as I call them want FAST RESULTS/HYPE because of that scammers enjoy an easy living lol...
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