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    DIEGOD10SDIEGOD10S Posts: 1
    I can tell you is SCAM !!!!!! Habri an account as referred to in optionFair, sent me the code after a struggle days and mails.Jamas achieved would work during the 30 day trial one signal and soft stayed with the same signal sent me 30 days. Perform as 50 claims for mail and never answered me. I try to help my official account and not only hacerlo.Lo positive achievement is that people optionFair retired from his page as referral. TIP: NO IS APPROACHING IFOLLOWS SCAMMMM !!!!!
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    fxtradesmanfxtradesman Posts: 4
    I am sorry to say I signed up for this and it was a loser ALL THE WAY. Recommended highly by MIKE FREEMAN. Never do anything with iFollow or Mike.
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