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Anyone tried these guys out?


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    Not come across them before, looks like they are fairly new and on the HelloMarkets platform. Why be one of the first to experiment with them, let someone else be your poison taster
  • To be honest im new to binary options but not to trading in general, so im in research mode. Ive been reading through different forums and stuff, with way too many stories of bad experiences. Have yet to read anything bad about these guys, so i thought id ask. Might give them a shot with a small account, sometimes being new company has its benefits
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    I have an account there although it is currently locked.
    In my experience:
    • Tradarea prefers traders who are good at losing money. Try winning there and they hit you with a flood of contradicting waffle/tripe and a friendly email to say that it’s in the “best interest of both parties to go our separate ways”. No mention of outstanding balances in the account etc.
    • Tradarea compliance department hibernates for 1.5 months at a time and ignores your emails and then telephones to tell you they were not aware that there was a problem.
    • Tradarea always need another day to sort out issues. Too many of those days for me eventually turns out to be weeks, then a month, who knows where they are going with this…………and what they hope to accomplish.
    • Tradarea quote their trade bonus policy when it comes to withdrawals-which is fair enough- but then do everything in their power to restrict your ability to trade and meet the bonus requirements, failing which they simply lock your account.
    • When irregularities are brought to their attention, they give you the scripted “we are regulated with CySEC” Come off it! This is not a licence to do as you please. I think it would do them a world of good if their management (I think a very weak one) decided if they want to play fair some of the time, none of the time or all of the time. Advice to management- decide which you want to do so that traders know but more importantly your staff knows as it makes them look silly in having to juggle 3 hats. You can’t decide to only play fair with traders that are losing money there. You just can’t have your cake and eat it with your bread buttered on both sides.
    To this day, they still won’t tell me what I have done to deserve this shoddy treatment. You just get an email saying “Bad news – we have decided not to give you an account”. Are they not aware that they have given me an account already and that there is a balance of my funds in that account.
    If you are trading at Tradarea and haven’t encountered any of this, it may be just because you’re a loser.
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    OMG well anybody that would use TraderBO or TradarEA - Phuck me you are sooooo RETARDED! Geezuz you guys are beyond stupid what research do you do ahead of time instead of just find some random broker and throwing money away. Its not their fault for scamming you as much as its yours for being pure stupid imo... Ok that being said where do you go from here? Well if you have a ligitimate gripe with them and they treat you in such a manner go file a complaint with their regulators in CYPRUS... ---> <--- but don't stop there also file a case here ---> Note if you change the letters around in TRADAREA you get "AA RETARD"
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    Retarded me read fake Tradarea review on fairbinaryoptions website. Pretty obvious now. Then again maybe the review was not fake at time of writing and Tradarea have turned to the dark side just recently.
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    Finally busted. Tradarea, 1 T.C.R. CORP. LTD, have had their Cysec licence suspended.
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