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Looking for beta tests for a new trading system

esamesam Posts: 1
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Hello everyone!

Our company is going to Beta and we want to invite you to take part in the experience.

______ is a startup company developing a new and disruptive peer-to-peer binary options trading platform.
For our Beta phase we wish to join people who wants to be part of our journey.

So, what are we looking for? Men and women (over 18) with some experience in on-line trading that are willing to give us an hour of your time to try this cool new platform.
What are we suggesting? Our endless thank you and 25$ welcome account as soon as we go live!
Please note that you are not required to deposit anything for this testing.

If you consider yourself as a match we would love for you to send us to info@ or at
Your first and last name, your e-mail and tell us your relevant experience. We'll take it from there. (off-course your e-mails will not go to any mailing list).

________ team.


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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    The last part where you state the emails will not go is what I would focus on as it seems since your site is about 2 years old and you are from Israel...
    Why don't you get the site up and running first seems like a email fisher to me... Specially the part where you state your true intentions which makes you a RETARD ---> (off-course your e-mails will not go to any mailing list). <---

    When a company has no product but wishes you to sign-up.. Don't! If they had a live website and then stated the same it might not be a scam, but this way its too likely it is a scam = phuck you no way I will allow it...

    Sounds great but odds are its 100% BULLSH*T, so until you can prove it then its not happening...
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