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Hi guys,
I am opening this thread to share with you a solid way of thinking which can give you an edge.You can find more information in my articles about Volume Climax and in my next articles soon!The whole story is about the market manipulation from the big investors.To earn money you shouldn't trade against them.The general idea is: buy low, sell high.Every investor in the world is trying to do this.So, which position can allow them to buy low?A very low position of the market.They want the price to reach in low levels to put their long positions.On the other hand we have the opposite condition for short entries.Look at this chart , it's from today.The price moved down in the first rectangle with a selling climax in the volume and after that we have higher lows with selling climax,too.So, there are are short-term long opportunities in these spots. (I usually use 5 minutes expiry BO contracts). In the breakout of the channel is a good opportunity for a long position for spot FX traders or Spread Bettors.
PS1: 1 min chart.For me, is the best timeframe to understand big guys' intentions.
PS2: For the indicators, you only need a whole numbers indi (I use SweetSpots) and a VSA indi for the volume(I use SonicRPVA, these guys in FF made a great work and a great thread)
Happy Trading!


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