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Lotz Road track indicator

Hi Guys
So Glad I found this site ..Ive been trading on a Marketsworld demo platform for a couple of months now and trying to pick up tips from all over the web and must admit this BinaryOptionsNet is great for a newbie..So I have been watching some of lotz videos on YT and noticed he has a "road track" indicator on his Chart..I have loaded a MT4 charts is there a indicator that can be loaded for this or is it a STD indicator one can look up..Keep up the good work nailing all those SCAM BAGS out there..


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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2015
    Yes I like some of the Polynomial Regression Channel Family of indicators. There are many ways and types for different market conditions. I have like a ton of indicators/systems I use to trade with. Note I don't trade them like a NOOB who will flip through different systems and indicators trying to make a profit with a linear psychology always looking for the grail/something that works, instead I shape them to the market to give me an edge with current trading conditions. Think of markets like weather systems. If its sunny outside you wear shorts and sunglasses if raining you wear a raincoat and umbrella. If you are in a hurricane you grab your surfboard and errrr ok scratch this last one. I have done this so long I can literally shape a set of indicators/variables for whatever I see is most likely to occur. Again they are just indicators and they just indicate. Learning how to trade them correctly there is the rub ;) Thank you for saying I am a help in your trading with my vids. Its nice to hear!

    *If you do a google search for them, look for Linear Regression Channel Indicator/CENTER OF GRAVITY/FOREX ROBOT CHANNEL that should pop up all kinds of ones that are 100% free on sites like forex factory for you to download.
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    SollarmaxSollarmax Posts: 2
    Hey Lotz you are a breath of fresh air in this industry ..from what iv'e seen so far in my short but intensive trading campaign ..I think there is no Holy Grail ..but we can sure learn from folks like you ..Thanks I will look this indicator family up
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