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SystemSystem Posts: 164 admin | is a new signal service provider making the same claims as the rest. After years of fruitless trial and error Roger Pierce has come up with a TOP Secret, revolutionary, next generation trading and signal service that is recession proof, crash proof and fool proof, requiring no experience.

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    suchiangsuchiang Posts: 63
    edited March 2015
    This site ABS is not work i have already purchased 4.95$ trial,regular price 97$ .but 4.7 $ only 10 days but i got unlimited time to access this ABS software ..also i have copy a trade from ABS i lose all my money i have deposit..i place 10 trade i lose all.beware of this thing i have found if the currency going up euro/usd ABS show currency going down wow wow that mean 100% scam this site is not legit...................
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Please don't post links for scam or questionable signal services, thanks!
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    JifarJifar Posts: 1
    I tried this service since mid of July 2015 for two weeks and my encounter was in absolute agreement with suchiang. They are ‘the best word artist’. Initially i was in suspicion of their promise and preferred to keep away but after reading a lot of commission seeking false reviews I was fooled and subscribed to their service. I paid 97 USD for the software and deposited 500
    euro at a broker( I was only subscribed to signal service at ABS but later on what they did was ridiculous_they started auto trading in my account. I discovered this after 2 days and when I asked the broker for what is going on, they asked me if I have subscribed with auto trading signal. I said no but told them I have subscribed for signal service with some signal provider and i asked them to temporarily suspend my account until I contact the signal provider. The lady said that is fine and did as I inquired. Then immediately I contacted ABS and they answered I was subscribed for signal service only and they are not behind this and advised me to contact optionrally. I did not contact optionrally as I already talked to them and my account is suspended.

    In the following days I was busy and didn’t check my account and when I checked it one week later my account was down by about 100 euro. I went mad at this people and talked here and there to sort out this issue as soon as possible. I talked to 3 people
    at the broker at different times and fortunately one of them told me that ABS was the one behind the drama. I kindly asked him to suspend my account again until I talk to ABS, the other guys were not okay with my account suspension and did not give me positive response. The one who gave me a clue about the autotrader was a kind of good person and he agreed to suspend my account. Then I immediately went to click bank (where I first paid the subscription fee) and requested a refund. After that ABS people stormed me with their usual ‘smart and skilled words’ not to unsubscribe and even they offered me what they claimed another advanced service for free and which is better than the one I subscribed to if i cancel the refund request.
    At the same time I also requested the withdrawal of my deposit at optionrally. Fortunately as I didn’t receive the bonus at the broker I managed to get back my remaining balance.
    Similarly as I insisted in the refund request, i also got back the subscription fees from ABS after so so long dialog by phone and email.
    Also read a review about ABS at:
    Signal quality: Their software/actually it is a Web based service/ pop ups signals almost every minute and guess it’s
    quality_it is absolutely not better than gambling! And finally what surprised me as suchiang was that I still can sign in into their Web and see the ‘signals’ flowing as usual. Now I have learnt that it is very crucial to search as much info on webs as possible to
    decide in subscribing to this kind of service.
    Good luck.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    First off anybody who uses Option Rally as a broker did not do one once of research at all! There are few brokers with as bad a rep as them... So #1 its obvious you did not do enough research. Second and last ABS is at best a breakeven service which yes too many affiliate promote because they have an attractive bonus structure for the affiliates. Again if you really did any research instead of dreaming of making BIG $ QUCKLY!!! You would have seen many negative reviews on both Options Rally and ABS... Next time do more RESEARCH!!!

    Two page 1 examples when I do a search...

    ABS SCAM -->

    Options Rally long list of complaints -->
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    suchiangsuchiang Posts: 63
    AutoBinarySignals is really suck because he recommended and promoted a scam broker such as lbinary,optionrally,bank de binary,Interactive Option,AA Option,Binary Uno. All these broker are absolutely fraud and charge back any client who trader.

    Tip & trick To avoid any charge back from broker..deposit by Bank wire and E wallet like paypal,neteler and Skrill.
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    randy1953randy1953 Posts: 18
    I don't know about that. Personally I always used my credit card as protection. If I feel a broker ripped me off I cal my credit card company and they issue a chargeback to the broker no questions asked. Now it's in the brokers court to dispute the charge back but I have my money back. If you do it your way the broker has your money and you have no real way in getting it back. Your credit card company will be on your side not the other way around.
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    suchiangsuchiang Posts: 63
    As you wish!!
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    BozmanBozman Posts: 3
    ABS is garbage I bought it paid the 97 used on an unaffiliated broker averaged 30% ITM they have Perfect Match almost a guaranteed win 90% of those lost. Stay away from this scam software
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