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looking for a mentor

Hello. im really newb at trading, and im interested on those short term tradings (60 seconds-30mins) and i've been watching
tutorials and i know the very basics such as understanding bolinger bands, stochastics and RSI and the directional movement indicator.

I'd like to ask anyone who trades regularly every day, to help me starting to make some profit. I am using binary dot com broker.

Anyone with skype or something i'd appreciate thanks a lot ;)


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Hey! Welcome. There is a live chat here. "Free Live Trading Room", check it out!
    You can make some friends there and find a mentor :).
  • MindelsonMindelson Posts: 5
    Find a mentor - is not easy , because many experienced traders are too busy to advise beginners. In addition, services such mentors are a lot of money . As for me , better to learn how to trade , and not to ask for help .
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