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How does the different market like London, New York... affect trading ?

I dont understand what happens when the different market open and how does it affect the trading.
Can someone please explain ?


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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Simple if a market opens the people in that region become active in buying and selling so you have more volume/activity and the inverse when it closes. The most active periods would be when two markets of large groups of people are open at the same time, such as European and U.S. sessions overlapping each other or the Australian/Asian. The activity of markets around the globe is different because people got to sleep!
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    Every asset is different of course. Focus
    on the asset you are interested in and in time you will learn
    which hours that work out the best for you.
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