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Lee O'Shea's signals service "Under Review"

SuperDanySuperDany Posts: 3
One of the most respectable expert in the Binary Options industry launched his trading chat room 8 months ago and this is a real success.
Traders Learning Center : (not affiliate link).

Members will receive the following:

Access to TLC Chat room
Communicate with other members
Communication with a live trader
View live trades entries by their head traders
Post trade analysis
Guidance on Money Management
Europe and US friendly brokers
Members Forum

Members get access to the trader learning chat room where the signals are issued by Lee and his partners, lessons and one and one training are also provided in the package.

This honest gentleman has a lot of integrity, he publish every week his trades history, won or lost:

As this is the cheapest service in the industry (only $33/month) but also the highest ITM rate (75% up to now) this is definetly a powerfool tool to add in your trading box.


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    EuromanEuroman Posts: 7
    TLC looks great, i was member for two months.
    Friendly persons and my experience was only on UK sessions.

    Lee (owner) was the trader who gives the sound alerts on the TLC_room.
    He give you an entry for each trade and an expiry time most around 15 minutes.

    Difficult for me is to wait on a sound alert, for me it's like waiting on a JAS signal and i missed them a lot.
    Most of the time he gives about 3 trades per session sometimes more and most in the morning from open UK time.
    I don't know about the results of the NewYork and Asian sessions.

    Maybe a good idea for Lee to take a service that copy his trades so nobody missed his trades then.
    Because i missed to many signals i quit the service.


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    thebotarmorthebotarmor Posts: 49
    Lee really giving great impression of honest honored man. Let's see how this one continues profit wise for it's members.
    Deromra Tob
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