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I read here that the indicators that Reginald Stinson has been selling can be downloaded for free. Looked around google but couldn't find a free download. I would like to somehow combine those indicators with the MT4. Any ideas?


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    Hey DropShipDiva guess who this traces back to in under 10 minutes it took me :) You marketers are something else. The indicators are super easy to combine heck I can make several versions that might actually work better then the crap version he is using why? Because he is a NooB and noobs don't know what they are using or how to use it. I will absolutely point out exactly how the indicators works what a pip is and why he thinks a non standing value is a false signal which it is not. A signal is a signal there is nothing false about them but to a noob since they don't know how to interpret a repainting non standing value based indicator such as a semaphore look the phucking word up first to understand what it stands for before promoting this stuff. The reason marketers would use repainting indicators on a chart is for sales and here is how it works the signals are tripped based on a period of time using a variable delta value in the deviation from the mean to trigger 1 2 or 3 steps which if the value is higher/lower in the given time on the next high/low candle it will move the signal to the next place value if higher it will move it to that candle so what you have is after a high or low is made the indicator arrow or whatever symbol you decide to use will always end on the last highest/lowest value. Now what if you could see where the indicators were originally triggered on the chart as a standing value for each candle :) Might not look so good marketing wise to promote for you dropship mamas huh? Well here you go here is the ugly reality of those indicators lets take a look.. Its not that you marketers are bad, you are just uneducated and the people that follow you are going to wonder at some point why they are not making any money trading lol... Would you like me to sell you this system for MT4? How about NO!!! Indicators and systems don't = trades you dumb phuckers need to learn the basics and gain experience first PERIOD! Sorry but I am mean and you people don't help with my disposition any...


  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    So you marketers copy a bunch of free stuff and sell it on EBAY oh whoop its too bad you don't even know what it is you are selling, Now that is funny VIcky! So this is a kind of Alias huh undercover walmart mother! You guys crack me up...
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    Wow, pretty angry there! I'm not a marketer. I have been trying to learn about binary options from this site and elsewhere and saw that you had mentioned an indicator that was being sold by someone but could actually be downloaded for free. The person you show in that photo is not me. I thought that this was a site for learning. Thanks anyway, and Happy Easter.
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    Oddly enough you guys both are posting interest in the MBFX Super Channel Semaphore marketing who haaaa bs that made me go hmmmm to begin with. Like why would this person pull up interest to see if there was a version of the UOP available in MT4? See the logic? Then I look and the info all leads back to Vickierae Patterson Bass aka Keysha Bass both from where Spokane Washington and both using domains with dropshipdiva in them as the example below it looks like your first attempt with registration and then changed to just dropshipdiva later on. Which if I dug might be able to see if you got married to then make more sense of the name but what are the chances of you and her both using dropshipdiva in domains you own and both being from Spokane Washington? Statistics hmmm lets see the odds... Plus other searches on cross ref that just take a few mins for me to perform link you both to each other = likely the same person uh huh. Anyway if by some statistical miscalc you are not them well sorry and Happy Easter!
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