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Proper use of EMA, please guide me?

First of all, let me thanks the admins for this great website!

I have been reading a lot and watching as much as i can from blogs, tutorials..etc. Finally, i found EMA seems a pretty good startegy, but i am just confused. I have been testing using EMA (6, 14, 26), whenever the 26 is Up, and the a candle touches the 14, i submit a "Put" and vice versa. But this is really hard when you do the online trading! its not really easy, as some candles becomes Big red, and if i enter Call, the ideology will be demolished (because i think Bearish Engulfing is now working). I usually open the freestockcharts on 5 mins , and trade on 15 mins. Sometimes i get 5 itms, and other time i get 3 otms in a row.

i read this tutrial, but is it enough with 13 and 26 EMA, and whenever they crossover, i can enter a 5 mins trade depending on the next opening candle?

Thanks for the advance help.

Kind Regards
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