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Titan Trade - SCAM

BeaumontBeaumont Posts: 1
Invested $3000, promised the world...then after a loss to a net of $2636 have been unable to get my money withdrawn - this carried on for 3 months. I have just phoned them again and demanded that my money be credited back to my credit card...and I was told by the trader - Skype name John L that he will not authorize my withdrawal unless I trade 60 seconds until I have at least made my money back. How can a trader force me to trade...? With no other option, I went along and now sit with $28. John then said that he will talk to his manager to get my money refunded within 5 minutes...that was 30 minutes ago and guess what...nobody is calling back...surely this is criminal?


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    JonHaltoJonHalto Posts: 27
    edited May 2015
    sorry to say so but most likely you have been scammed nicely. You should not trade just bcause an account manager tells you so lol. His job is to milk you - to make you deposit and loose. they only make money when you deposit and loose. Even if they refund you some trades they will apply bonus terms and conditions meaning that you will have to trade like 30 or 40 x your deposited amount - meaning you will most certainly never see your money again. This was a stupid investment.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    2 words... CHARGE BACK but honestly you have been scammed... So talk to your credit card company. Scam brokers hate that but TItan Trader is 100% a SCUMBAG BUCKET SHOP 1 way money = DEPOSIT ONLY
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    chiochio Posts: 1
    Yes Titan trade are the worst, I lost 1000 dollars end of November 2015 until now i am still claiming to mi credit card company and Titan trade with several email and phone calls. Because i never authorized to invert 1000 dollars. I do not what to do now.
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