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New SCAM on the horizon........beware everybody!

TonyMTonyM Posts: 27
Maybe Lotz and/or Brian Mac can take a quick look at this 'new' offer being sent out by email. The APL bot by one Gunnar Erikkson. The video claims you are personally invited....yet it has been sent to myself by about 50 people to my junk email account. It's the usual 'we know you are tired of the crap and lying going on out there, BUT this is different, we promise'. Lol. This guy Gunnar's name is spelled differently in many of the emails, so you can just see how well they all know each other; basically they're trying to get it out there and grab a bunch of your cash before any one complains about them. In fact I haven't found any complaints, actually haven't found anything at all. It doesn't openly tell you it's boptions but if you look carefully it does reference them. It claims this Gunnar guy has made big money making many micro trades with anything APPLE INC and the APPLE corp is headed to $$ Trillion stock value so everyone stands to make money by investing 'only' a suggested $800 in an account hooked up with their APL bot. It will do all the work for you. Gee, never heard that one before. Anyway, strange thing is if you google APL bot, it has been out there for at least several months, so I'm wondering why there are no complaints on Peace Army,etc because this screams scam.
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