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Goptions, Beeoptions and Cherrytrade are comfirm Scam websites operated by Fraudulent Criminal Firms

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Goptions, Beeoptions and Cherrytrade are comfirmed Scam websites operated by Fraudulent Criminal Companies

I invested a total of $11,000 through multiple deposits with I had initially withdrawn $2,000 and my present account balance is $11,808.15 including profits. I have made several subsequent withdrawal attempts which have been declined for no good reasons except for fraudulent acts. Two of these withdrawals of $6,000 and $5,600 are still showing pending approval for over a month now. The excuses were the finance manager travelled, they are having issues with their bank, promising to resolve the issues by the end of the month of May. Then my account manager (Dan Henderson) stopped responding to my messages and calls. He changed his status on Skype to permanent invincible and stopped responding to all my messages. I called contact numbers on numerous times requesting to speak with Dan Henderson, he refused speaking with me promising to call me back on sundry occasions and never did. I contacted other Goptions managers and representatives including James Western reporting the case about my withdrawals and demanding to speak with their President Adam Stone and Vice President David Argos, they promised calling me back and never did for once. Thereafter, one Matthew Jefferson called me informing me to be my new account manager and the other excuses for not paying my withdrawals were they are avoiding bank charges to pay for withdrawals, and later forcefully wanting to keep my money without any right whatsoever. I have refused all bonuses and did not take any of their 25%, 50%, 100%, 150% or 200% bonuses from them that will mandate them to keep my money till I trade certain amount, whatsoever.
What kind of companies will knowingly and openly engaged in fraudulent activities, refused paying their clients withdrawals, refuse responding to clients’ messages, refuse even responding after promising their clients to get back to them, threatening their clients, treat their clients like trash, even contest their chargeback, still continue practicing such fraudulent activities, engage in high level soliciting marketing to scam and defraud unsuspecting consumers, and refusing to summit to regulatory and licensing commissions. It is only the extremely criminal minded, with terrorist instincts that will engage in such acts.
I am having exact same issues with and its parent company, Greymountain Management Ltd, and its parent company, Redtulips Consultants Ltd claiming to be registered in Gibraltar. They have refused approving my withdrawals for over a month now and have refused responding my enquiries concerning this even after promising to get back to me.

I did some search and found out thousands of complaints against Goptions and these other scam websites and fraudulent companies. I wish I knew this earlier.

I investigated,, and found that they are scam websites and fraudulent companies with the sole aim to defraud unsuspecting people especially US citizens and residents because their marketing have been aggressively channeled more on the US market with the aid of gullible and fraudulent affiliate fraudsters mandating the unsuspecting traders to open and fund account with these fraudulent brokers. Illegally, claiming to accept USA resident traders, while by law and regulations it is illegal for Goptions, Beeoptions and Cherrytrade to solicit or accept United States America residents and citizens. Goptions and these brokers have no legal, legitimate right or license to operate a financial services brokerage entities in the European Union, United Kingdom or anywhere in the world, hence their criminal code of conduct. And It`s very illegal for companies of such to solicit or accept financial services from the United States America citizens and residents according to United States America regulatory authorities (Commodity Futures Trading Commission,; The United States Securities Exchange Commission,, and NASAA) which Goptions and these brokers have been doing. Goptions and these brokers are not registered or regulated by any regulatory authority in the world. Goptions, and these brokers are more than 100% illegal, fraudulent and very possibly owned and run by sophisticated terrorist entity. This claim can be perceived from their highly sophisticated criminal mindset and activities.

I have contacted the Financial Service Commissions and the Gambling commissions in the European Union, United Kingdom, Anguilla and Gibraltar (,,, and all have confirmed that and its parent company, Go marketing solutions ltd, and its parent company, Greymountain Management Ltd, and its parent company, Redtulips Consultants Ltd, are all scam websites and fraudulent companies, not regulated and have never been regulated by these regulatory authorities. These regulatory authorities gave me the contact phone number (+44 300 123 2040) of the UK police and advised me to call to report these companies and get my money back by any means possible.

There are many other scam websites and fraudulent companies working with aggressive affiliate marketing conspiracies wanting to steal your money.
The sole director of Redtulips Consultants Ltd, powering is a 26 years Oliver George Simpson, director of several other companies ready to defraud you.

These links may help: alert- Go Marketing International Ltd.pdf (Scroll down on this website for shocking reviews)


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    Go Marketing International Ltd, the owner of Goptions is dissolved.
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    Yeah that is worrisome, might be looking to run off with peoples accounts next. I am sure many of those Options Domination people are tearing them up with their professional traders and all their marketing money lol. Cept Mr.Moore is very easy to find in Israel as his buddy who is in prison last I heard in the U.K. Mr.Adam Stone...
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    Things like this worry me along with the info you posted...


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    I had a brokerage account with Porter Finance and I was trading 4/30/16 the USD/JPY and my trading winnings were $2.8 million USD. They took that money back due to a "system failure". Their vendor for their trading web site is Panda and they would not let any kind of "system failure" occur. I do believe that Porter Finance is lying to me in order not to pay out my winnings. There are several other traders in the USA who have had the same thing happen to them for their trades on that same day for OTC trades. One issue is that they didn't cancel all of the OTC trades for that day, they missed some on my account. I am very upset and Porter Finance has locked my account and won't let me trade. I can't get to anyone above their customer service people. I need to have my $2.8 million USD put back into my account to keep trading. If anyone wants to see my trades, I can attach a PDF file to show the trend that I worked for 90 minutes.
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    That is nice I am very happy for you but did you really think you could make any money with a broker like Porter Finance? CherryTrade, Goptions, CToptions and on and on. Most of all these little bucket shop brokers work from Israel and are under capitalized scams that are the blight of the binary options industry. Stick to larger firms that will pay you your winnings such as a Markets World 24Option ect ect. And let me ask what was your starting balance "how much did you deposit to make that $2.8 million?" Also in what period of time.

    Read about bucket shops like that here --->


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    are you sure 24option pays? i've heard some serious horror stories online about them.
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