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    Ive been trading using there demo account and find the whole trading format on there site excellent,clear and very precise plus the graph is very defined unlike nany sites overall very impressed been told withdrawel takes three days am about to openlive account.
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    ok this is odd, notes multiple changes to the site...
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    Yes I'm working on it (if you mean and not IQ) :)
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    ok this is odd, notes multiple changes to the site...

    nice new profile pic,
  • Firstly, this company is not safe for turkey. please remove it from the list of reliable brokers for Turkey. Because, there are too many people being conned by this company in Turkey.if you lose it's okay.But,they'll shut your account down if you win. you will lose both your deposit and your money on.there are people who suffered a lot because of this company.this facing may have already noticed friends of the firm .time is not fixed,it is moving on its own.the system is forcing you to get your a result,stay away from iq option friends.
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    System said:

    Read the full story here

    Best broker out there !

  • Hello!

    IQ Option is a well-known and reputable broker providing services in more than 170 countries all over the world.

    We do our best to ensure that you have the best trading experience here.
    You can check all our policies here:
    Accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree to the rules and procedures of the company.
    At the same time, we should also fulfill our responsibilities stated in our Terms and Conditions.
    It means we may not block your account or decline your withdrawal request without giving any reason for that.

    If you have any questions about IQ Option, you can always contact our Support Team ( It is available 24/7!

    IQ Option Support Team
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