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Ok second try

randy1953randy1953 Posts: 18
Sorry but I get upset when I put work into something and it goes phiff into cyber space.
I made a post about brokers. I'm from the Us and as you know if you want to trade BO in the Us you have Nadex that's about it. So we have to for to nonregualted brokers. Get this clear not all nonregualted brokers are scams nor bad. A whole lot are but for example I have 2 current brokers Bloombex Options and Empire Option. If I read all the crap about Bloombex I would had never ever opened up a account with them. But I need to be honest here I have traded with them for around 45 days. I began with a $300 deposit and made 2 withdraws from them so far one for $1000 and the last one was $800 both were sent through paypal and I had the money in my bank account in 3 days! Why because you need to play there game if you know the game and play it right most brokers will give you your money back simple as that.

I find most complaints about brokers has to do with withdrawing funds but if you research well these complaints what you find are lazy people that did not think it was important to read the Terms and conditions before they opened there account. That they took a 100% bonus and they face a 30 times turnover.

So far my second broker Empire Option has been excellent. I also know a few traders that been with them for a good while and do not have issue taking money out.

Anyhow I'm am just saying if you live in the US don't believe 100% in all the horror stories you hear and better yet open up a account which has someone you know already trading with them and get feedback.


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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    <-- Likes the use of the word "PIFF" into cyber space.. LoL classic. I do agree with you on researching brokers if you wish to get paid by them. It just takes some common sense and digging around to find the right ones. Not all brokers are bad, but in this space most of them are and you have to put in the research and time to make sure to avoid the ones that are not in your best interest. Above all <b>NEVER GO FULL RETARDED!!!
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