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Ever hear sharing is Caring

Anyone here have the new BOSS binary Option indicator and would like to share it.
I'm using the old BOSS and getting some good signals which I can shre for free with you. But would like to ty the new one that is out just to compare.


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    randy1953randy1953 Posts: 18
    Sorry forgot to give the model it's The BOSS V4.0 indicator that I'm looking for.
    Mostly folks that opened up a account with some broker were given this indicator for free. If anyone has it and would like to share it it is most appreciated. Thanks
    I'm working on a strategy using the old BOSS which I have and looks pretty good but I really want to try the new version of this. Once I have the strategy done I will share it along with the template for the community here. The old BOSS is pretty good but requires quite a lot of filtering I want to see what the new BOSS V4 will so. It's really through sharing that we all can benefit. I'm willing to put the time in if someone can share this with me.
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