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How To Become Super Extraordinary Trader!

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Hey guys how are you today :) ,hope you are doing awesome,the new week is already here ready for us to get closer to our goals and make progress in to the direction we are going.
As i am writing this post from my Sunny home Office from my beautiful Flat, i am really excited to share with you a lot of value.
My intention today is to bring PURE VALUE to the Trading community.
Unfortunately there is so much HYPE and BS in this Industry and the people who give real Value are very very FEW and i just want to be one of them :)

Alright let's begin! :)

Btw: my post is long and will make it on 2 parts,cuz my blog is under construction!

I will share with you something really important,this topic is probably the most powerful million dollar advice you will ever get! Period

I can and i will share with you a lot of cool stuff but this is the foundation,the Core!

On this post i want to share with you "How you can become Super Extraordinary Trader"

I think's an inappropriate topic everybody wants to become extraordinary,everybody want to get extraordinary results and i think in our industry right now
there is a huge gap between people who we can just call them "average-ordinary"successes or ordinary folks who are getting very little to no results at all,
statistics says something like 98% of those people who try do to something in the trading world,they don't get the results that they want and only 2% of those
traders they get phenomenal results .. i remember someone once said that 3% of the entire population earn around 97% of all the money being earned in the world ..
can you imagine that? ..can you believe that? ... can you just imagine the gap,that's going on out there, and do you know what i believe... i believe that everybody
YOU reading this,every person can be an Super Extraordinary person in his field .. You know what? in fact let's talk about this topic
before we we jump deep in to this .. i want to share that ,there is a 4 steps steps how to achieve this .. there is a formula,a scientific proven formula .. i am
literally going to layout a formula for you for " How to Become Super/Extraordinary Trader" and i promise you if you follow this and apply it .. i promise you
i promise you ..if you apply this .. YOU will BE EXTRAORDINARY!

But before we talk about this in details let me clarify something.. OK. I think there is some wrong perception in our community where a lot of people believe wrongly
in this concept of being ordinary vs extra-ordinary .. let me just clarify something about this and after that we gonna talk about the formula i mentioned above.

When we talk about being an extraordinary i think we have to get very clear from the get-go ,i believe that every human being .. you reading this,you my friend you are extraordinary,every human being i s extraordinary,if you live on this planet earth,if you are reading this post,if you have an ability to breath,if you woke up
today,if you can drink water and walk today, my friend you are extraordinary human being.. and this is a FACT! I want from you to start embrace that and start seeing
yourself as somebody who is already extraordinary .. ok? that's one thing!

Second thing is .. when we talk about ordinary vs extra-ordinary, we the people have potential that is just un-real,no one scientist in the world can predict
what you and i are capable of .. ok? .. so it's not a question of are we extra-ordinary or not.. we are wall capable of doing phenomenal,mind-blowing,out of this world things.Period.It's mind-blowing what humans are able to do in this world, i mean it's just phenomenal what is the difference between some billionaire and YOU ..what is the difference? i will tell you ,there is no Difference on a surface level but there is a little bit difference on a deeper level which we gonna talk about here on this post.

These are the principles that you can apply in your Forex Business, in life,in growing your company,in entrepreneurship in every area of your life.

Now here is the thing .. what we are capable of and we are willing to do ..that's were the gap start to become noticeable, ok,result vary,even thought everybody
have this unbelievable ,unimaginable potential as human beings,our results as human beings as business owners,traders they vary.. and this i what i want to write about today on this post.... "HOW DO WE GET EXTRA-ORDINARY RESULTS", because you are already Extraordinary,but if you results are not Extraordinary yet,there is a GAP , right? , so let's talk about how to get our results to be Extraordinary

So there is couple of things that i think is important to understand...when we are talking about getting results that are extraordinary,i think it doesn't matter
what your background is .. it doesn't matter where you come doesn't matter what language you doesn't matter in which country you live does't matter in which business field you are in.. i think none of these stuff really matters...So here what i DO Believe:
I believe the only person responsible for your results is YOU!
...You are the only person responsible for your results.

So the Steps to Become Extra-Ordinary are Four.

Some people create entire Workshops on this topic but i want to boil this down in to 4 steps only, and if you really focus on,if you take the next week,if you take
really these 7 days and really think about this, just really go over these steps every single day and have them in front of you in your mind,in front of your eyes
every single day,i think by this time next week ,i think you will find yourself having a little bit of paradigm shift,and if you continue do this and if you do what i recommend here in this post i think you will find yourself shifting and you will get results that are extraordinary.

So let's begin ...

(Stay Tuned For the Next Part ;)


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    One thread please not 3.

    Here is part 2 of his schpeel lol..

    Ok my friends this is part 2 of "How to Become Super Extraordinary Trader" will make another post for it cuz the system says is too long to post it
    next time i will make a video about it :)


    - This may sound as klischee,maybe you heard this a thousands times but this is the most important first step you can ever start with.
    You cannot hit a target which you cant see ..right?
    Pick up an area where you want to achieve extra-ordinary results,but let's just talk about about business now and particular for Forex/Binary Options.
    Be very very clear ,exactly what kind of results you want to achieve ...How much money you want to earn and by when,how big your company you want to be and by when,
    how many people are you reaching,how many customers you are getting.
    How much money you want to earn Annual,Monthly ,Weekly and on a daily basis?
    How you see yourself after 5-10 years,how much is Your Net worth?
    If you can't paint a picture of your desired outcome,you are not ready with step number one.You have to be crystal clear and see the results in front of your eyes.
    Just Decide,Decision is the most important step.
    A lot of people jump in their business ventures,but they just been too vague


    - This is Super important but very very few people understand this and i want from you to pay very close attention,because this can make all the difference what happens in step 1 and all the way down to step 4.So what "CANCEL THE NOISE AROUND YOU" means? .. well it means that you have to cancel the noise around you :).

    We have Family,friends,co-workers and all these people try to pull us in to all of these different directions as we are trying to focus on the results that we are trying to achieve,in the direction which we want to go and we have all this information throwed on us on a daily basis consistently,we are getting mixed messages from different traders and groups as well.

    If you are in Facebook,we are in so many groups,following so many people,so many so called "experts" (most of them broke),one guy say "hey follow me i am millionaire" the other guy says "hey dude follow me, i am a multi-millionaire with secret trading strategy" , some other guy say "Hey man don't listen them i was broke a week ago now i am making $20k per month follow me" and these different strategies are conflicting information and there is so much noise going on around you,around your head,around your business and it's basically impossible for you to focus.

    Every morning I wake up I notice that I have been added to a number of Facebook groups. When I check them out I can see that 99% of them is what I considered “junk”. They have thousands of members – people who never made one dime online in their life and are looking for the miracle. And these bastards (aka known as the owner of the Facebook group) offer them what they want to hear. “Join for free”, “Your total cost is $5?, “Guaranteed returns” etc. All bull-stuff. This is exactly what the members want to hear. “No work, no studying, no investment!” They have been living on b.s. – it is just natural that they have been attracted by b.s. We have all heard about the law of attraction. They don’t realize that this is a huge problem for them.

    We are constantly bombarded with ads such us get this "Magical Push Button Software" that will make you rich overnight or some magical secrets trading strategy or signal services ... i am amazed from all of this Hype and BS in the industry there is so much garbage out there it's unbelievable,i no longer wonder why most people are disappointed and frustrated buying all of these scams..It's shame!

    So my friends you must cancel the noise around you! .. ,you have to literally ignore them .. you have to clear your mind!
    Of course if you live with your family you can't leave them but if your friends are making fun of your goals and dreams and try to pull you down,kill your dream,distract you from the direction you want to go .. i don't think that they are real friends! The true friend will never discourage you from your dreams.

    So do whatever you have to do to cancel the noise around you!



    Again this is Super Important! I am telling you this from experience.. i am telling you this from watching other people going from nobody,broke,frustrated,busted to rising and become industry leaders very quickly .. this is how they did it ...This is how i did it too.

    Instead of focusing on conflicting messages that going on around you, here's what you need to do:

    - Yo Must find 1 to 3 People (no more),that are getting the results that you want to achieve in your trading.1 to 3 people who are getting just phenomenal results,
    absolutely phenomenal in our industry (or any other area).When you choose your mentors ask yourself "Who is the BEST? The Top Person in That particular Area".
    So what you do is this:
    -You cancel the noise around you
    -Knowing Exactly what you want
    -Find 1 to 3 Top Mentors in your field

    ... and what you do is .. You JUST IMMERSE Yourself into their way of thinking.What i am talking about here is some very deep stuff,really think about this,this is really a million dollar lesson here!

    This is what i did when i started trading for the first time in November 2014 knowing nothing about it .. i asked myself who is the very best right now,who produce extraordinary,phenomenal results and i found them one of my friends in my entreprenurs circle introduce me to them.The two mentor who coach me now are both multi- millionaires producing mind-blowing results ( i am talking about 7 figure a month profits!).

    So when i stared trading i started to MODEL THEM,Copy them,Listen them super carefuly,i was so teachable,if my mentor told me stay on 1 foot i will do it without questions, i was doing exactly what they told me to do. This is how i become profitable and consistent trader producing some very very good results with consistent high win ratio ( i am talking about 80%-90%+) in this short period of time..i just followed this 4 step formula that i am sharing with you right now!

    So here's why you need to listen only 1 to 3 people only.For example when i choose my mentor i look for who is the very best and i immerse myself into his way of thinking ,because if i can think the way this person think who is getting phenomenal results,naturally i will be getting the results which this person is getting.

    I choose 1 to 3 people because i want to sure that there is a common denominator between them,similar vision.

    I wanna make sure that the people i learn from ,their messages are congruent,the information that i am getting from these people,these 2-3 guys their strategies and messages are not conflicting...WHY? ,because i don't want my mind to be confused, i don't want to lose my focus.I want tot put all my focus and energy into this direction.If it's 1 person that you want to listen that's great,make sure this person have phenomenal results,it's not some fake,it have proven and documented results results,make sure the guy you are learning from is The TOP at what he is doing.
    This is very very important my friends!
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Part 3 of the Snake Oil

    Here is the last step 4 in Part 3 :)


    Total and complete immersion in the next 90 days with 100% laser focus,super intense learning,like nothing else exist,like your life depend on this!

    What is going to happen is this .. in these 90 days you will rise your self at a level that when you look reaction will be just "WOW".

    After this 90 days challenge you can allow yourself to add some additional information in the same area,continued education with the best people in the particular area,but again be very careful who do you listen to because the mind is very tricky thing,the fastest way to fail is to listen the wrong people!

    Again find the top guy you know,immerse yourself into his way of thinking,get his products,his coaching,join on his webinars and model him.

    I remember when i found my 2 mentors ( i listen only 2 people at the moment btw) i bought everything they offer and i ignored everyone else.
    One of my mentor David he turned $250 into $1.8 Millions in 5 months,he is making 7 figure a month,even was black-listed from a broker because he made $850k in 1 week and his manager told him "withdrawal your money you can't trade here anymore".My other Mentor once made $247k in 30 mins ln live sessions with his students ( i have this documented on video), absolute crazy stuff these guys are like magicians, and i said to myself learn from these kind of people is priceless,i will do whatever it takes to be around them because i want to be like them.

    These are the 4 Steps on How You Can Become Super Extra-Ordinary Trader!

    So Guys i hope you liked my post,i wanted to bring some pure value and inspire you and tell you IT"S POSSIBLE to achieve your goals,It's Possible to Be Financially FREE,It's Possible to retire Rich,It's Possible to Be Super Extra Ordinary Trader.. YOU Have all the potential inside you ...but the question is ..What you are going to do ? ... because one of the big secrets to Success is "TAKE MASSIVE ACTION" ... The ideas are worthless without ACTION!

    Let me know what do you think about my post

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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    I think its alot talk but if you were selling snake oil you might make out well! LoL
    Why don't you speak plainly and say who it is you are trying to promote and why?
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    EmilienEmilien Posts: 9

    I think its alot talk but if you were selling snake oil you might make out well! LoL
    Why don't you speak plainly and say who it is you are trying to promote and why?

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    Robin28Robin28 Posts: 1
    great post ...thanks for sharing. as i am new to binary options trading..but have been reading about it for the past 4 weeks and trying to find the best brokers and people to follow..i landed here and am impressed. do you find the best traders to follow? learn replicate and follow every footstep?... thanks again.cheers
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