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bmcleanbmclean Posts: 1
REGAL OPTIONS is a scam. They will ask you for a $250.00 deposit and you can start trading with their robot immediately. This robot is so good that loses money from the start. Now you can take the robot off line as I did and try to cancel your account and get the balance of your money back. At this point you need to do a withdraw request. This process will take up to a week for them to get back to you. Well got my answer and the request for me to shut down my account and withdraw my money has been denied. So I cant trade and now I can get my money back.
These people are horrible to deal with so please don't use Regal Options


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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    edited August 2015
    If you deposited with a credit card you should file for a chargeback with your credit card company. This will get you your money back. In future, stay away from unregulated brokers. You can find a list of regulated and trustworthy binary options brokers at
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    irvbeeirvbee Posts: 1
    To call Regal Options a scam is being too nice. This brokerage is run by crooks. You don't just lose your money, they steal it! I set up a website "" where I detail their trickery.
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