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A Happy Computer = A Happy Trader.

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Hello Traders!!

Wanted to cover a few things about keeping your computer happy. Why is this important? If you use MT4 or MT5 to trade depending on your computer specs and the indicators you use and can bog your computer down. Your computer is also your single most important piece of equipment you have, and probably the most expensive so why not take the time to give it a little loving. I typically do maintenance on my computer every other Saturday to make sure its running at peak performance.

Before we get going quick note if you do not feel comfortable doing any of the steps I am going to cover do not seek professions help. I have a BA in Computer Science and I am also a Microsoft Certified System Engineer so I do know what i am talking about here.

We will not be doing anything crazy just some simple steps to keep your computer and MT4 clean and healthy.


1) Go to your MT4 folder, look up folder "logs" and delete logs, leave just the last one, you don't need them. There is one more "logs" folder in "experts" folders - delete those logs too, leave just the last one.

2) Open MT4, go to Tools -> Options -> Chart tab and enter manually new values into two boxes below.
1000 is enough, indicators need only 300 - 700 to work properly.
Only reason for larger values is testing strategies but if you need fast MT4 for trading, just get another MT4 for testing purposes.

I set both of mine to 5000 just to be on the safe side.

Pretty simple and you should see some nice results from it.

I have 2 MT4 installations one is for back-testing and the other is for live.

Next up on the chopping block is your PC itself.

You will want to download and install the following programs: (Decline any trial offers with them)

So to make this easy head on over to

And select the following 3 programs as shown in the pic below. If you already have them great it will update them.

If there are any other programs in the list you use feel free to mark them also.


Once you have selected your programs click "Get Installer"

A small file will download, run it!!

Sit back and wait for everything to install.

Once that has completed, the first program you want to look for is "Malwarebytes"

Open it up update if needed and then run it exactly as shown below:


When it has completed just follow the directions on the screen and make sure to remove all the nastiness it finds.

Step 2 open up SuperAnti Spyware use the setting from the screen shot:


Wait for it to complete and follow the steps again to kill the ugliness.

Last Step "Auslogics DiskDefrag"

You really should not have to run this one all the time just click Analyze and if you are below 10% skip this step.


Doing these 3 steps every other week should keep your computer humming along nicely.

A few common sense steps make sure you do not have a ton of other programs running, no downloading when your trading even if you have a super fast internet connection.

As usual any questions please hit me up.
Bryan Mcafee
Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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