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ben60 trading system

Man I feel like a very lucky man. I stumbled upon this very simple trading system. Been trading yesterday and today and have not lost a single trade.
It's free on the net here's a link. As long as you follow the rules you will win at least I have. Every single time it's been correct on predicting if the next candle is a bull or bear.
Here's the link

However I did do a improvement this system comes with a candle timer which can be very useful knowing when your next candle will open to put your trade in however the one they use goes by tics so if your price stalls for 10 or 20 seconds you don't know where you are at makes sense right.
When I found one that works on time it keeps going tics or no tics.

One thing I want to put out because this is so darn accurate does anyone know how we can turn it into a EA that will give us our buy/sell signals.

Enjoy this follow the rules exactly and you will make money.


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