Where did you hear about binary options?

EmilienEmilien Posts: 9
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Hi everyone?
Where have you heard about binary options trading? Internet? TV? Or maybe someone has recmmended you ?


  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,279 admin
    Internet. I think it was some scam on YouTube. Luckily I
    didn't lose much on the scams.
  • Alfonso86Alfonso86 Posts: 9
    Me too. Now BO trading is becoming more popular. There is a lot of advertising banners in the internet, sometimes I also see advertisement on TV.
  • ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    Basically from Google I would say. I searched for and have a big lists of forum like that and it was something that got my attention, then I started to learn more about that and started to play a bit, just like I found this old thread ;) definitely not from TV, banners yes, but only after I found initial source.
  • LoganLogan Posts: 14
    I have first heard about BOs from my friend. He has been trading these for a while and have been quite successful. This is why I was interested in this market, as I have also seen opportunity to earn some extra money
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