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Insider signals scam

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Hello everyone

Most of you probably haven’t heard about The first thing you will see on this website is “Consistent, profitable and honest”. Those are some really catching keywords, but don’t get pulled in to easy. It afterwards says “Binary option signals that will result in nothing less than 70%+ winrate. First week free no attachment. This is where it gets interesting. Here is my story:

I added this guy on Skype, and contacted him about the information. Earlier that were a trial period of 3 days, and I have to say his signals looked promising. When I finished my trial period, he asked me if I was interested in his signals, and sent me a PayPal email, that I could send him the money to. There were two signal groups of 150 dollars per group. I was of course interested, and sent him the money. His PayPal looked strange at first, it had the name Bissell that is a vacuum company. I didn’t give most thought about this and sent him the money. When I sent him the money, a situation occurred. He was releasing his new “automated signals program”. That lets him put in the signals and you don’t have to do anything. This looked interesting, and I expected a high price. He said it was going to cost me additional 700 dollars, if I wanted part of it and I had to grab the opportunity, because there was so high demand. I bought his software, so I was secured. 10 days went by, and this guy sent me and affiliate link that I should register and deposit my money too. So he would get a pay out of it. And also promised to give me 200 as soon as I did this after I registered and deposited 500 USD, I told the guy to send me 200 dollars to my PayPal. He told me it was a misunderstanding and that he would give them when he got the affiliate money.

He then said, that he needed to get his programmer on the case. And it would take at least 1 day to get me going. The next day I arrive in school and do my normal check on what the balance is. The 500 dollars I put in is gone, and as I see in the trade history. He put in 100 dollars every trade for 60 seconds, until he lost everything. And this was at 11 pm when the market wasn’t moving at all. I tried messaging the guy on Skype and noticed that he had deleted me. He didn’t respond on any e-mail and was totally quiet. So I made a new Skype account to check this out. I messaged saying that I was interested in his signals. Of course he responded, with selling his scammy signals, and that you would need to put 350 dollars to secure a spot.

Don’t be fooled by his trial, his signals are good. But he lives of scamming people when they pay the 1000 dollars that is required. He will come up with some bullshit story about how his clients and succeeding and even post screenshots of fake trade history links. I even checked up on his clients that were in the group, and no one even responded to my messages to them. And a Skype user with the name Guruntoway06_71 is also in the group. is his PayPal email.

I lost overall 1500 dollars, and I regret every bit of it. I didn’t think I could get fooled this way, but it happened. Don’t make the same mistake.

Here is a picture of him selling the automated signals [URL=""][/URL=""]

Here is a picture of the trade history: [URL=""][/URL=""]

Here he says to my friend that he had to scam me:
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