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How to Trade Stockpair's KIKO Options!

OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
Hey traders!
I see some people are interested in learning how to take advantage
of Stockpair's KIKO options. First let me tell you how they work!

KIKO Trading:
KIKO stands for Knock In / Knock Out.
It's similar to the Touch options we are used to from other brokers
but with one significant difference. There is no expiry to select!
That's right, all you need to predict is the direction of the price.
Most success is reached when you use KIKO to trade the news or
if you are good with finding important support and resistance areas, hence knowing
where price is moving next.

Two types of KIKO:
There are two types of KIKO. The Low span and the High span.
The high span gives you more leverage, more room for price to jump or fall
before it reaches your desired price. So far, I have only used the High span
which I like the most.

Example: You just saw price breaking a resistance on the H4 and you know
that around X pips above there is a Daily resistance line (from my previous videos
you know that is a good and strong target to sell on for example). So
you know the price will most likely attempt to touch that resistance line.
Here is where KIKO kicks in! Because you don't have to worry about WHEN
it reaches your target.

Since this is difficult to explain, I took two trades explaining a similar situation.
Check it out and practice, let me know how it works for you.
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