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Angels Investors Scam Warning

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  • mike00133mike00133 Posts: 2
    Scam Binary Option Trading Platform
    Address: 129 STATION ROAD, NW4 4NJ, LONDON , UK
    Phone: +44 (203) 608 2995

    Account Manager: Ryan Phillips
    Phone: + 44 20 36 95 50 11
    Skype ID:

    I start trading binary option at trading platform since 7 July 2015. My account balance on 17 August 2015 is $14,703 USD. I request to withdraw 3000 USD on 13 August 2015 but all their Withdrawal Methods are not functioning, i email to the support team and the account manager Ryan Phillips as well as sending him message on skype. Ryan Phillips reply me on skype saying technical team is updating the server and will be done on 14/08/2015.

    On the 14/08/2015, i check my account balance deducted 3700 USD so i thought they have process my withdrawal, but they didn't. The account manager Ryan Phillips was using my account to trades 3700 USD without my permission or informing. (On the 8 July 2015 has had happen they use my account to made a few trades and on the 9 August 2015 with a phone conversation, i had inform Ryan Phillips the account manager, do not use my account to trade as well as their analysts have no permission to trade on my account.) I send him text message on skype asking him about those trade on my account but he didn't reply me, so i call the support center and they said they don't know anything about it, they will ask Ryan Phillips to contact me.

    Ryan Phillips did not contact me until i send him and the support center an email to request a withdraw 10,000 USD from my trading account on the 17 August 2015. He reply me on skype, saying that my account only have 700 USD. I immediately login to my account and my 14,000 USD is missing. I call him few time but he didn't answer my call and i call to the support center many time no one is answering the phone.
    On the 18 August 2015, Ryan Phillips text me a message on skype saying that my 14,000 USD was loss on trades by their analysts on the 18 August 2015.

    What they said are "NOT LOGIC" my 14,000 USD was missing on 17 August 2015 but they use that 14,000 USD to trade on the 18 August 2015. I had requested to withdraw few time but they didn't respond. And every time when i request withdrawal they will use this tactic, even i change my password they still can login to my account.

    Please help me and advise me what should i do in this kind of situation.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Mike Ooi
  • ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    edited August 2015
    Sorry to hear about this Mike. The best thing you can do is file a chargeback with your credit card company on the basis that you have been a victim of fraud. They will be able to reverse your deposits to this scam company.
  • mike00133mike00133 Posts: 2
    Thank you for your advise.
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