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How to create a simple trading Journal (Gmail Required)

BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
Hey all!!

Wanted to go over a quick and easy way to create your own trading journal. The 1st thing you will need if you do not have one is a Gmail account. So if you don't have one go sign up fro one real fast its free and easy.

So once you have created or logged into your gmail look at the top and you should see 'Drive" click it!!


You then want to click on "Create" and then "Form"


Give it a name select a template if you want to make it pretty and click OK


For the last part I did a quick Video to show you how to set it up and use it.

As usual any questions just hit me up!!

Bryan Mcafee
Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)


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    rassomrassom Posts: 1
    Hi Bryan. Just FYI: We offer a free online trading journal at that might be a good alternative to one created in Google Docs. Best regards, Rasmus
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    tradersynctradersync Posts: 1
    @BryanMac that is exactly how we started journaling our trades. The problem with Google Sheets or any spreadsheet is the time spent on trying to make the sheet work for you. I found myself spending hours trying to get some insight from that spreadsheet and it was difficult. At the end of the day I still didn't know what I was doing right or wrong. This is why we created - it is just an easy to use but a powerful trading journal that can truly tell you what you are doing right or wrong and shape your patterns to go in the right direction. Just imagine is like having your own coach next to you at ALL times :) - check out this video it might explain better what I mean
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