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How to Change Time Frames and Charts with a Keystroke.

BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
This is one of my favorite little programs I use to switch in between charts since I trade off multiple charts, and to switch time frames, all without using your mouse. This actually came about as I am an avid gamer, and in gaming we use "hotkeys" or macros to make life simpler and faster.

The way it works is on my computer if I press CAPS + 1 MT4 jumps to a 1 min chart. CAPS + 2 = 5 min, CAPS + 3 = 15 min and so on up to monthly.

The Tilde key switches in between charts for me. Some non US traders will not have this key don't worry ill show how to assign any key you want.

The first thing you will need to do is download a little program called Autohotkey from

It is a very small program and uses almost no system resources. Once you have download and installed it you will want to load up one of the 2 scripts I have provided.

One is called Caps_Autohotkey and the other CTRL_Autohotkey.

Caps uses the caps key + number to switch time frames and Ctrl us the control key + number to switch time frames.

Part one go down by your clock and find the icon


Right click it and choose edit script and a notepad document will open up, just delete everything from there. (LEAVE THIS WINDOW OPEN)

Part two open up the script you downloaded and copy and paste ever thing in it to the autohotkey notepad document.

Close the the one you downloaded from here, so we don't get confused on next step.

Now you should have a notepad document open that looks like this:


The very first line is what switches the charts for you.

`::^F6 right now it is set to the tilde key, if you wanted to change it to say the backslash key all you would do is this

\::^F6, pretty simple. So change the first line of code to whatever key you would like to use to switch inbetween charts then


That is it!! Tiny bit of work but I really love not having to use my mouse to change Time Frames or Switch in-between charts.

Any questions or problems please hit me up.
Bryan Mcafee
Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)


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