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Need a new career!

Hello Everyone,

First...thank you to binary for their wonderful site!

I need a new career and trading does seem exciting!

After much thought and studying, i believe I'm ready to jump in!!

I was just wondering, does anyone trade binary options full time? Can you make income to survive on?

I do apologize in advance if this question was asked previously.



  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2015
    No need to apologize first you should start slow and no its not wise to try to make it a full time income off the bat unless you are well trained capitalized and informed. Start slow figure out the demons that you might not see first. Trading is not for everybody some do not have the discipline to just stare at charts and do nothing for long periods of time or to learn to handle the balance of losing/winning without taking it personally. Trading is a job and requires hard work and talent over time. I would trade small starting out till I could know I was consistent and only do it part time till it could eclipse whatever form of income I had before. I will likely have my live room up in the next few weeks to help people who wish to follow along this line of thinking to make trading a career. Won't matter if its binary forex stocks futures ect ect the same guidelines will apply. The only difference is I will hook an auto-trade copier to the teaching/mentoring so its 100% transparent and very educational. I will make systems/tools available and teach the ins and outs of true trading through the GRIND of the markets... Now all I need is to put it on clickbank or make an attractive affiliate of 50% commissions so tons of marketers can push it for me and get 1000s of members!!! Oh hold on... Nah lol....
  • Jay0989Jay0989 Posts: 8
    Thank you so much for your advice and guidance!!

    This is truly helpful!!!

    Can't wait to see your live room!!!!
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2015
    Yes I plan on being one of the only providers that will teach you how to lose and how not to trade lol... I will even promote it!
  • Jay0989Jay0989 Posts: 8
    I soooooo look forward to that!!!!
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