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"Micro Transactions" For signals or tutoring or a combo of both.

BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
So as a lot of you know who come to live chat I am a gamer, I was buying some xp boosts in the game I play its free to play but you can buy little things that help you out for small charges. So i started thinking and I am just asking this because even though I don't believe in taking signals i do think if signals were offered as a "micro transaction" for a small daily amount, just for the hell of it I probably would sign up. What i mean is if there was a service where you could sign up for signals for 24 hours would that be something you all would use. A big drawback is #1 the cost for signals for a month, #2 you are not happy with your signal providers performance. Drawing this out how about people who run a live chat and call out trades. Then we have a forum that rates each person selling there service that you all give feed back too. So its low cost of entry you get a daily service as some of us cant trade every day or cant leave a PC on 24-7 to get signals. But you get to pick and choose what you want for 24 hours, education, signals, or education plus signals. Im not going to do this lice chat will be always be free so don't take it as i want money but I was wondering if a service like that would be useful? I think if it was we could attract other successful traders to come share there trades and knowledge.
Bryan Mcafee
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    xalksxxalksx Posts: 100
    That be something that would interest me ..And reading the way the whole signal stigma is going just now would give signal providers a good chance to prove themselves..Ive asked the guy i deal with if that interest him ..And if it does what would his prices be .How would it work for people only learning/trading demo ? Just pay the small fee as an educational thing ..And just say Joe bloggs signals says yea il do that , can u do it so people are only in chat if they have paid , as it maybe work out 2 people pay and then 8 people freeload lol ? .Maybe barking up the wrong tree ..
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    taltal Posts: 3
    Sounds interesting
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