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GOPTIONS steals your money

I made a deposit of 250€ in After few months without trades, without any movement in my account and without any advice, one day and at once, Goptions charged me all my money, all my balance in that moment, GOPTIONS LEAVE MY ACCOUNT TO 0. After claim, they said that their policy is to charge a fee of 25€ each month if no trades in three months. That's abusive, but they did more than that, they charged 250€ at once, in only one charge, all the money I had in the account, they didn't charge more momey because there wasn't more money in the account. Attached my Goptions history where you can see the 250€ charge. 25€ each month? They took me more! After telling them that their policy is to remove 25€ per month, not 250, they answered me that these charges are not refundable, so finally Goptions stole me 250€. Take care with Goptions because all they want is to keep your money or block YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT ANY ADVICE WITH ALL YOUR MONEY AND YOU WON'T SEE IT AGAIN.


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