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Help: I need a Script

Hello there,

Can someone help me build a simple script.

Here i want it how it works.

I want it to show a "Down Arrow" when

- RSI is above 90%
- MFI is 100
- DeM is 1

and show "Up Arrow" when

- RSI is below 10%
- MFI is 0
- DeM is 0

Please me know



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    DanyDany Posts: 5
    I'm not sure if you already got this sorted, if not my suggestion is to go to a freelancer's website and post a project under the MT4 category. You will easily find someone who can get it done for you for just a couple of bucks. That's how I got all my custom indicators and EA done, even some very complex one. And once you find a good freelancer just keep in touch with him, so you can then deal with him directly for future work, and avoid the fees those sites ask for.
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