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  • MitiMiti Posts: 1
    There's a problem with withdrawing money from their website. When I made a withdrawal order for $2500, the system didn't deduct and automatically show how much I left with them. However, it showed the message of "We can't proceed your order at the moment since we have an open order - please contact customer service". Yes, I made an withdrawal order $900 2 days before but I cancelled that first order and I sent email to [email protected] but no reply from anyone. However, its platform is good, not much tricky, pay good but low level of customer service and payment procedure. We trade BOs because we want to make money. When you win you get our money but Play fair.
  • trnickotrnicko Posts: 2
    With the withdrawal of funds they are doing well. I got all my money.
  • juliajulia Posts: 2
    Hi Miti, did you withdrawal your money yet? Did you take there bonus? I plan to open an account in Opteck
  • MohammedMohammed Posts: 1
    I would like to work with Opteck. I would like to know if they are a good company. You get your withdrawal from them as well as bonus
  • loldampheadloldamphead Posts: 3
    Opteck is a real scam. They are refuse to the withdrew order at all. What they trying to do is lying and try to stop your transfer from every angle. When you telling them the only thing you want to do is withdrew the money instead of keep trading, they become terribley rude and hunge up the phone. The people there all lying and rude once the money is in their hand. This company is a scam. scam, scam. Please don't dealing with them at all.
  • loldampheadloldamphead Posts: 3
    This company has a system to cheating people. They put the ad, and hook you up by calling you by a so called siner manager. They ask your credit card. and take your money without authority. and never refund your money when you ask for withdrew. They will give you excuses such as the siner manager was leaving for holiday bla bla bla. and then ask you contact with billing department. the billing department will email you and saying you need your account manager apprval of your withdrew request. The so call your account manager will give you all the reason you should keep trading but not withdrew. After a long time struggle, the so called siner manager trying to do the same thing. Then few other guy call you try again from any angle to stop you from withdrew. Once they are failed. A so called top bill manager call you with a very rude maner to say he is the only person dealing your account withdrew and he want to investigate why you want a withdrew. This guy failed his effort of stop you withdrew, he simply hung up and tell you never call back. My money had never approved for the withdrew for more than two months already. I believe this money is been stolen by them.

    Please spread this information and avoid this company totally. They are bad bad company.
  • loldampheadloldamphead Posts: 3
    I am expecting to lost more than 10,000. for my total investment with this company. Where I can report and stop this crime operation. Please let me know if you know the way to stop this crime.....
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    You should lodge a formal complaint on that will cost them business go all the way through with the details and file a case there... You will either be paid back quickly the more you complain or at the least you can cost them business as REVENGE!!!
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