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MartynGMartynG Posts: 1
Martyn Green
29/10/15 Registered at optionsxo, made 2000£ deposit, made some profit £ 1,500, decided that I want to withdraw profit on my bank account. Withdrawal of my deposit back on my credit card was quick. Problems arose with the withdrawal of profit, I put the withdrawal amount and a few days later they canceled it (they canceled it 3 times in a row!!!) Without warning, or giving a call even! The last time I put withdrawal 11/11/15 after that my account was blocked (I just login into it) then stopped answering my calls and emails. And now I'm trying to contact them, they do not respond.


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    TorsteinTorstein Posts: 1
    My name is Torstein Nilsson, I have the same situation, I made the deposit of 1K, my profit was 3K , put 1K withdraw back on my card, with some difficulty, but the approved it... Then I've put withdrawal of my profit (3K EURO) on my bank ,and suddenly my account has been blocked. I've called them many many times, and always got an answer that my broker does not want to talk to me and so I will not get my money. SAY THANK YOU- THAT WE ARE GAVE YOU BACK 1K of your deposit. THEY ARE SCAM !!! DO NOT contact them !! They will never give you back your profit as soon as you are put on the withdrawal they just blocke your account and that's. Oh, and another funny thing, that your account brokers are always different with different names.... Fucking fraud company!
    You've been warned!

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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Yup hence why there were removed from this site... OptionsXO has a bad reputation and brokers with bad reps go away...
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    jimmy20jimmy20 Posts: 9
    OptionsXO brokers are parasites such as Paul Harris and Daniel Goldman ( I believe these are not their real names). They take your money with their phone calls, sweet talks, very persistent persuasion and false hope of making money for you. Once, you are in their hooks, you can bye bye to your money. You will never take your money out! They are thieves, robbers, liars and high profile irresponsible scammers. It is a scam!
    Never give it to them even if they keep persuading you day after day by phone calls ! This is their strategy. They will pester you to the point that you’ve no choice but to give it. Once you did, your money will be gone for good!!!!!
    The feedbacks people gave on this webpage are true and more reliable than what your broker told you. OptionsXO have no experience of making money. The way they make money is by conning you. Not from the market! Don’t trust them and never ever give in!!!
    They will always ask you to go to gold, then platinum account. They always ask for more money so that they can help you to get out of the mess they created. The only way to get your money is to upgrade your account or put more money in!!! This is their strategy! Don’t give in if you still want your money!
    If you asked a broker to trade for you, he will use the bonus to trade so that you have no cash balance, except bonus balance. You can only withdraw cash balance with OptionXo platform. So, you will never able to withdraw your money as bidding many times more than the bonus balance is almost impossible with their bidding system, which set at 36% of winning. If you’re smarter than the brokers ( Success rate is 50% only), you might have cash balance that is highly guarded by them. If you attend to withdraw, you’ll face another impossible hurdle. Commonly, they will not respond to you email or request. Basically, you are abandoned!
    In summary, OptionsXO brokers are highly sophisticated thieves that dangle a carrot of making millions of dollars in few months for you. They have advestisement in facebook that say “ What rich people don’t want you to know! Check it before it gets withdrawn!” or In webpages, earning hundred thousands of dollars of a university boy or a housewife, etc. In actually fact, they make money by stealing from you, not making it for you!
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