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Which broker is better?

TopokiTopoki Posts: 1
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I currently have a demo account at 24option, but I don't know if I should deposit there or look for a better option. After reading the broker reviews, these are the options I have so far. So, which broker would you guys choose to start with if you were me?


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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Stick with 24Option and don't waste your time with scam brokers like BDB/Traderush...
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    dear123dear123 Posts: 83
    Lotzofbotz is right, don't waste your time in going after the promising invites of scam brokers. I suggest you choose 2 - 3 demo accounts from honest and regulated brokers, practice these accounts and once you get familiar with the strategies. It is the time when you will be able to make a comparison among broker services. Choose the right broker to go live with, start with small account to check their internal process.
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    traderjktraderjk Posts: 1
    Stay away from Bloombex-Options. Great Difficulty getting money out. Had to threaten them with going to SEC, FEC, local police authorities. They scammed my credit card when I went to deposit money and then would not let me withdraw until I threatened them. 24option and banc de binary allow easy withdrawal. Just remember to do the math with any binary options. At a 70% payout you will break even if you are correct 60% of the time. There are few traders that have a greater than 60% success rate. and don't just keep doubling down that is not a strategy. Look into credit spreads where you can be correct >than 75% of the time, capturing out of the money credit on stock/futures options. Trust me its not as exciting but in the long run it is far more profitable.
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