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Which strategy for beginners?

Hi together,

I'm not a completely newbie, but I have still not traded with my real money. Currently I am looking for the best strategy, which I will use when I start with real money trading. I'm looking for a strategy with low risk, and when search with Google, most results promise low risk with great results. I'm sure the most of them are just scam, so is there any advice you can give?


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    loislaneloislane Posts: 11
    hi there Learn to trade blue sky binary has a excellent educational service and practise in demo first also bryan macfee trading axis is another good starting point i am just finishing up education with blue sky binary and i have since coming to this industry have learnt so much that is the last nine month of this year
    all the best in trading regards Lois Lane
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    dear123dear123 Posts: 83
    Don't go after such silly promises that most of the brokers invites you by offering you getting rich over the night. If you are new to trading then try to learn how to trade by practicing demo accounts, compare brokers and start with investing small when you go live. Meanwhile feel free to ask any question that you might have, browse this forum and most of your questions are already over here. Good Luck!
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    Swede62Swede62 Posts: 2
    Really stunning when you watch some of the videos and claims made by many software sites taunting thousands of $$$$'s to be made "Instantly".
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