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Hello and a few questions.

tj60tj60 Posts: 1
Hello there.
I found binary options by accident and am now looking into it a bit more.

A few questions, is IQ option legit? I have signed up for a trial, it seems you get profit from your wins, but do not lose money.

I have signed up for a free trial to try to understand the workings of it all, there's a lot to learn, but I was just wondering if IQ is a scam or something. Thanks


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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    Hey and welcome! You will lose money at any broker if your trades are not in the money so don't think you will always be making a profit! I use IQ option and have never had any problems with them, their platform is unique and much better imo than all the spot option white labels and other crap out there. You can read more about IQ on this forum thread:
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    IQ Option is a well-known and reputable broker providing services in more than 170 countries all over the world.

    If you have any questions about IQ Option, you can always contact our Support Team ( It is available 24/7!

    IQ Option Support Team
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    Gook32Gook32 Posts: 60
    Hi there, you are wellcome here your questions are very important to us. We try our best to give you the answers of your questions and help you whenever you need help. You can also give us a feedback through which we can understand either we helped you or not. Thanks
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    QwerastisQwerastis Posts: 31
    Hello to you as well! I want to suggest you that you have yo know that whether it is legal to trade Binary Options in your region. If yes, then spend some time on demo account in order to get deep into the workability of the trading. It is free to trade on the demo account! Stay blessed!
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    MalvridMalvrid Posts: 107
    Hello friend! It is not a right thing to invest the money directly after knowing about the binary options. You have to work hard for learning about the trading then practicing your trades on the demo account. After achieving success on the demo account, you can move on to the live account. Thanks
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    Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 66
    You should be more than carefull now with binaries anyway, as you may see they are banned simply in a lot of countries, but maybe some broker still can work with you no matter how you really do it and that's really it. Thanks in advance for this shit anyway.
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    ChillwoodChillwood Posts: 63
    Binary trading is at the big risk now anyway, so I do hope it will work out for you no matter what do you think of that really. Should we really make something like that or no - I do not really know anyway. For hope it will be like that all together.
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    HulapointikHulapointik Posts: 46
    Why go for such risky ways when there are already proven routes anyway with everything you will only see there. How do you plan to go with that matter. I am completely lost with everything else. I would do crypto and usual forex now thanks!
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    Samuhn74Samuhn74 Posts: 66
    If I were you, I would immediately give up such systems on both binary options and forex, because you are initially inspired by a completely wrong model of market behavior, RISK IS ALWAYS. And you have to understand that. And the fact that they're trying to give you the gold system for nothing is a complete heresy.
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