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Binary options?

hello to everyone. I am VERY interested in this binary options. it started with a e-mail from Million dollar insider. This sounds to good to be true, a simple high low game? Everything I research on this type of "betting" is on the plus side. I do understand that messing in the market is a gamble. This seems to be worth the gamble. Is it really? My mothers husband traded stocks and lost thousands, when I ask him about this type of "betting" all he would say is, "it lies and will never work". I am not expecting to make millions or even thousands (at this point) but a few hundred a day or week sounds great. Yes there will money lost but is the return worth the gamble? I say "yes" he yells "no". May I get some advice on the matter, and who is the broker to trust? Please help me out.
Thank you VERY much


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    Honestly I would run the other way if I was you... It takes time and skill to become a good trader does not matter what it is stocks forex bonds sexual devices arms drugs you name it each requires skill that must be learned from time and dedication. You run out on the field with a new baseball glove and uniform you expect the yankees to hire you right off the bat! Then why the F___ do people think they can trade like they are pros, sure it looks easy but oh hell no its not. Then again I do this everyday so like whatever but honestly if you are looking for easy money get a job cause this is WORK! Look at what happens when you trade for too long, it can make you retarded --->
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    Approach binary options with the mindset of a business and the determination to work 3x harder than you profit so if your profit grows you work even harder and if you lose money at first you work even harder than that. Forget gamble and terms like this and remember this is not a team sport no one can have a greater impact on your success than you and that is a double edged sword anyone who speculates on anything lives with each day.
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