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Is anyone real ?

newbiebinarytradernewbiebinarytrader Posts: 1

I stumbled across BO trading through a Facebook advert last week and have been searching, reading and watching numerous videos and seem to be none the wiser as the people that I thought were true and had some good information it seems are not or are scams.

So who is real ? Are there any bots/signal sms services that are valid or trusted ?

At present Ive been reading the following sites:

Trustedbinaryreviews - Louis Harris <-- Affiliate Marketing Scammer

BinaryoptionsWatchdog - Michael Freeman <-- Affiliate Marketing Scammer
The above are scammers

Promoting own service and binary options robot which seems have multiple bad reviews.

These all seem or feel related to same person.

In terms of promoted systems to sign up to then it feels like the following are being promoted :

VirtNext <-- Scam
Cash Camp <-- Scam
XE Trader <--Scam

So is there any systems that are real ? Or is it down to learn how to trade, setup your own system and rely on this not a self service bot ?

Thanks, totally alien world and looking into it but want to peel away all the glamour.




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