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Take a look at this chart

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EUR/USD today chart. We have a big rise about 120pips.

What is the crazy thing with this?
-Two weeks ago we had the US goverment shoutdown. The US dollar stayed steady and we had a small rise(about 10 pips) in the currency pair.
-Yesterday we had the final deal and today a 120 pips rise for EUR/USD.

Who was expecting this?
Nobody. This nice today example shows us that the market can be unpredictable.

Blue Rectangle
We had the US unemployment claims. A number smaller than the previous time and near to the forecast. The market moved down about 20 pips (logical,in the correction I took an ITM put option with 5min expiry) and then it moved up again.

These days, because of the US condition, you may find yourself in the wrong side of the market. If you don't understand what is happening or you can't explain it, it's better to play safe or to stay away from situations like this.

Today trades

(almost +300$ net profit, not a big profit but in days like this one I am happy with this)

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