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Youtube Channel: Full of Promises but Full of...

DaveWaltDaveWalt Posts: 2
Hi to all,great info on here.
I've been playing about on Marketsworld,and looking around a lot and due to a very healthy sense of skepticism all I see is so much BS.

Anyways there's this guy on youtube,he comes up with his own indicators.
Shows these videos supposedly getting 90% wins. But then he's always coming up with new indicators,every week or two and claiming the same very high win rate and 100 or more trades a day.
So the question needs to be asked,if they're so good why change them all the time?

And get this,he was charging $150 a DAY, but then knocked it back to $100 a day. Not a typo, $100 a day.
And if you want to ask him a question,he demands that you join the trade group for a day,as in pay him $100 just to ask him questions. I've asked questions in the tube comments,he just deletes them.
He even changed the name of his channel to reflect this!!! LOL
I asked him for one free day for trial and the only response was he mentioned in the next video he doesn't give out freebies etc.

Now,the recent kicker: just 2 days ago he came out with yet another new indicator, "many many trading signals per day you will get rich" blah blah blah BUT now today he says he's no longer doing ordinary binary signals as most brokers pay 75% return and it's hard to make money. But...I though you got 90%?
And at 75% return you need 57% or so wins to break even.

But now he will focus on ladder trades with "up to 1500% payout".

It makes me wonder if he's getting higher kickbacks from his "recommended" broker for bringing in ladder trade suckers.

Edit: A couple hours ago I posted on his most recent ladder video asking why he was changing if the others were so great. Just went to check and seems I've been banned from posting on his youtube channel!

Ergo,this means I'm right.


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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2016
    Yes you are right in the real world a great trader being above 70% alone is rare much rather these fake stats. Marketers love to promote 80% and above because stupid sheep will be attracted to those statistics... Then when they end up being less most often they are not even profitable as these guys just simply LIE in order to get people to pay them/signup to a broker. They are not real traders and just a waste of space. If you want a collection of real traders look at HIVE or NightOwl for examples both offer free trials BTW gee go figure you can test them out first without paying anything. Why you ask? Because a legitimate service will offer this not these fake crap affiliate marketers who only want you money and then disappear as soon as people stop signing up to their scams...

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