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Hello all,

My name is Mark, i recently started up with Bmcac system Tradinf Axis, and I gave him my story and he told me I should post it here.

I started in BO almost 3 years ago and so far have not made much, my history is I knew Lotz and Brian back in the old BOD days and was sad to see Lotz get banned as free speech seemed to be against the law there. I then followed a MBFX thread that made me a bit of money, from there Cherry Coke came in i was a victim there, but for only 5k. Since then I think I have tried every auto trader and signal provider out there. When I showed bryan my costs thats when he said post here. Im not posting this to start a argument, I actually took Lotz advice and invested in several providers to try and balance out my win loss percentage. So below you will find my stats and hopefully it helps, the one piece of advice I can give is the Autotraders have never worked. Before I post this a big thank you to Lotz, Bryan, and Okane for helping me see the light.

Ok so Ill be summing this up on account percentage i made. A 0 = account blown.

Me trading for my self = 3%

Cherry Coke = 0%

MF Auto Trader = 0%

JAX = 0%

MF FB = 4% (admin only)

Signal Push (no names) 3%

Signal Push #2 (no names) 6%

Signal Push #3 (no names) 0% but was almost break even.

Auto traders grouped together ass they all had the same results 0%

So as you can see my story is more loss than win, my conclusion is auto-traders all fail and blow your account fast, if you even want a chance go with a manual signal provider and even then you need to watch them and control your money, but the thing i will say is if you have the time learn to trade, for the first time I almost feel in control of my money, even though im still using 4 providers I am learning. I know most people do not have the money for what i did and learned, but if your on this site dont blow off the vets, Lotz, Bryan, Okane, Mitsu, Bobrown, and a lot of others.

What I would love to see is lotz do a monthly review of performance on signal providers, he seems to have a feel for the ones who do good and bad, and i would watch that every month, I dont mean just performance Lotz shows dumb ass trading and why not to sub to them.

Hope this helps some people as the people on this site have helped me to become a little succuseful.

PS You don't get rich you make extra money if your lucky you break even.


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    BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
    I kinda agree but do you have any stats, i would love to see them on a few you mentioned.
    Bryan Mcafee
    Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    That is a very good post Mark. Autotraders are not bad unless you trade with scams like Virtnext, Michael Freeman's Autotrader, John Anthony as those are just marketers who know little to nothing about trading and only wish to get your to sign up for their CPA commissions from the brokers or sub fees. Also you have to take into account market environment such as the past year which has been horrible for most traders with the market crashes and the exacerbated effects of the ripples of this in overall trading. In short its a mother _____ right now in the market to trade. But as a trader so what. You have to grind it out if the market is not paying then reduce your trades and your trade sizes until the market starts to work again. Most people think that trading is about always winning and that is a sure sign of a n00b who will likely blow out. Real traders are focused on how to reduce losses in bad times and increase profits in good times. Rinse and repeat. Those of you who can weather a bad market I salute you. Don't show me how great your win rates are show me how you can handle losses as that is the mark of a truly good trader. Profits always take care of themselves.
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