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Can binary brokers ever ban you if you trade too successfully???

ryan56002ryan56002 Posts: 1

As a newbie to the world of binary options trading I've been watching many you tube video's lately on the subject as well as reading through the various posts on this forum. I recently watched a beginning series linked from this site about how most binary options brokers operate. How I understand it is that if you win a trade the profit comes directly out of the brokers pocket, likewise if you lose a trade then the broker pockets your money you placed on the trade.

My question is this...
If, like many of the experienced traders here you are regularly bringing in a steady profit with a trading success rate of say 75% or above does anyone ever get kicked/banned by the brokers? After all if you are making a steady profit then the broker is making a steady loss on you. Or, do brokers let this go to avoid bad publicity and seeing as they are making bigger profits elsewhere on other users who aren't trading as successfully?
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