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KickKick Posts: 4
Hi everyone,

Joined the forums today following my first days option trading. Never really dabbled before until now.

Seem to have had a lucky first day although only playing small at the moment.

Started with the IQ Options system as I could start with a tenner and at the end of the day I'm now sat at £33.66 with todays high being just over £60. Can't win them all I guess. I'm mostly doing turbo 30 second trades but think I probably still have quite a bit to learn. Is this a good result for my first day in peoples experiences?

Looking forward to learning more and hopefully contributing something back to the forum



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    iaak1983iaak1983 Posts: 27
    Hey watch the video tutorialon iq especially the moving avrages rainbow pattern set up yourr chart try it. also if you like really short bets andim assuming your in uk try nenx app on your mobile thats how i got into trading in august i turned 20 into 600 in my first night great little app for mobile (its mobile only too)

    i would also suggest you keep your stakes at a maximum of 10% of your balance i would recomend 5% to be better so for your £30 make £1.50 or £3 stakes its money and emotion management losses wont bother you and win wont make you too excited that you loose track of what your strategy is

    hope it helps
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    I think that for a beginner trading anything above 5% of your account balance per trade is a risky situation. KICK - if you had over 60 Pounds in your account today and you ended at 33.66 then you have lost 50% of your money (even though you started with 10 Pounds). In essence you did make a profit but technically you lost half of it. Today you were lucky but this is a recipe for a blown account.
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