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£1,000,000 in an under an hour

So, obviously mathematically and with very large balls it's possible to make a Million in under an hour using 30 second trades.

At say 75% profit this would be done as such - £10-17.50-30.62-53.59-93.79-164.13-287.22-blah blah blah.

So, with 21 successful trades in a row with each trade the full balance being placed it's technically possible to end on £1,269,986 and some pennies.

Does anyone know of this being achieved? My 12 year old son asked me earlier and it's made me curious.


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    iaak1983iaak1983 Posts: 27
    which broker allows such high bets? im sure there are daily limits to the amount you can win, no?

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    KickKick Posts: 4
    Actually, that I wouldn't know. Today was my first days trading. An interesting one at that.
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    iaak1983iaak1983 Posts: 27
    congrats and already you found this forum how licky you are i started in august and only just this week found this place and only sometime in the last month thought to really make effort to educate mysefl online.

    but dont let the numbers drive you mad i had a little moment around november time when i started to fathom the possibilities and scared a few peeps with crazy suggestions i would soon be buying a yaght lol, now i simply want to get a rythm of making 500 a day two or three times a week. be happy dont overwork yourself
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    CamCam Posts: 28
    edited March 2016
    No broker has those kind of betting sizes and I would say you have better chances with 1 minute trades as opposed to 30 secs.So for instance in a 12 1 minutes candle downward waterfall those candles can be at their highs for 45 secs before closing lower .Also 21 trades in a row is well a wet dream so to speak.Not impossible but your chances are highly diminished considering your timeframe (1hr)
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    I agree with you Cam. Consistently trading profitably over a period of time takes skill. If you going to gamble then you might get lucky for a day or two - but the market will smoke you out of our account and money eventually.
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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    I want to point out that this method is incredibly risky and makes a couple of bad assumptions. the first is that it is OK to use your entire balance on one trade. Only one loss would wipe you out of the market and then where would you be. I am sure it is possible to do what you propose, but I think it is highly unlikely. And everyone else points are valid too, no broker will allow this sizes of trades.
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    iaak1983iaak1983 Posts: 27
    look there is nothing stopping you from doing the following

    take 20 and stake 5% thats one a bet of 1 and alter your bet to your balance with every 10 you raise it, when your balance is 30 stake 1.50 balance of 50 stake 2.50 and so on

    to make your balance 30 from 20 you would need roughly 15 wining stakes this mean you would need roughly 45 in total ten loses with 15 to cover them and the 1 being your take. working with say a 70% return your 30 wins bring you 21 and ten losses deduct 10. so now your balance is 30 you stake 1.50 the amount of bets needed to get to 40 lowers as your return is higher but what im getting at is that if your using charts properly and you compose yourself and dedicate yourself you should get 3/4 correct on average. the start is the biggest obstacle because you want the big bucks however when you have a balance of 1000 your 45 stakes will make you a grand and thats all you need to do for the day

    however this can easily reverse as the market begins to change it behaviour at a certain time in the day so you need to learn about what it likes to do and when. its taken me since august to get to start doing this its not a overnight thing. Saturday i spent best part of 15 hours playing the random markets on from 3 am to 11 pm i turned 28 into 460 and lost it all by midnight. things took a turn for the worst and i went against my better judgement and convinced myself i would recover and return to my climb. it didn't happen realistically if i had stopped the next day i could have started fresh.

    im not a stock trader i know how to asses risk well tho im great at blackjack too so now im kerning charts and indicators i would recommend you simply work at getting a plan together. dont beat yourself up if you loose appreciate it im greatfull for all my loses up to this date they have taught me alot and you may need money desperately righ now and financial freedom may seem a world away and you want it now. but im withdrawing a full time wage from this every week just chilling taking it easy.

    I started with binary whilst searching for funding for my start up idea after the welsh assembly denied me a grant. slowly ive gotten here comfy in what im doing the next six months i recon if i dedicate myself i can put aside 100k to get my business going. and thats it have enough bankroll to go on-line every couple of days open my broker account with 50k sitting in there make 10 or 20 and log off. thats my goal i gave up on the idea of making a million in one go. in any case my company will do that for me when it gets going and hopefully one day you can all take bets on my stock lol

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    GinaSBORGinaSBOR Posts: 6
    Ballsy. But in some market conditions you could get lucky. When the AUD/USD gets a good trend going then it could work. Getting paid from the broker would be a different story.
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