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Recommend good videos for indicators use please

Hey guys i learned from iq options to use indicators. But i do use more so i took what i learned and applied it to my charts on trading view. What im doing now this week is upping my game by miles. However its not enough i need to learn more so please do you have any good videos you can recomend describing what certain indicators do and how to set up my own charts to do this action. what i can learn from what a indicator is showing me and when and what to react to.

Also this is more weird this week with my indicators its just suddenly stopped being about the money first and foremost i actually got more pleasure from being able to predict the market by using the tools available to me. Its nuts i may actually have found something i really love doing.

Going to Barcelona to take time out in a few days so will be away maybe not reply but i hope you all have some stuff for me do dig into when i get home.



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