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Benedict Morris options are thieves

flyfiferflyfifer Posts: 1
edited March 2016 in Complaints
Hi Another scam team on the go! stay away from Benedict Morris Options LTD. you can find items about them on all of these sites. they are not a good bunch to be trading with. I have another 34 people sending me emails about how they were ripped off by this company and sadly they conned me too! i am now at the stage where my account manager refuses to talk to me, i requested a withdrawal of my original deposit 32 days ago, 3 times i sent proof of ID etc and now they just ignore my calls/chat/texts etc. Mercifully they only got $500 out of me, one poor trader stands to loose $9000! they take your money and run, despite what they tell you when you sign up. this company needs investigating and the whole industry needs regulating. i realised i was conned when the account manager debits my card twice and wheni questioned this he said the first attempt never went through! it did! i asked for the second debit to be refunded to my card, but no nothing happened.
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