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What is the minimum amount is required to start trading?

Hello Everyone,

This is my question, one of my friend asked me that what is the minimum amount is required for trading, I did not say anythings else because I do not know really, let me know so that I can tell her.


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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    When starting to trade live I believe you should deposit the amount you can afford to lose. So first determine what that amount will be. Then sign up with a reputable broker that will accept that amount of money to start a trading account.
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    GinaSBORGinaSBOR Posts: 6
    Well said Raiden. There are some brokers out there that will let you open account for as little as $20, and there are others that will allow $1 trades, which i recommend for beginners. Most brokers are around $250 minimum deposit. What ever you put in, as Raiden said, be prepared to lose. Anything else is a bonus.....
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