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Broker Won't Accept USA Citizens!

Ok I'm with a licensed USA broker,but I noticed a UK broker licensed(FCA) has hundreds of more products to trade(EXT in London)but does not accept USA clients.Are there any loopholes I can jump throug.How do I trade with these guys?What are my options?If any?


  • dear123dear123 Posts: 83
    US traders are not accepted by many offshore brokers due to US legislation which also restricts US traders from trading outside US, however UK citizens have the freedom to choose any offshore broker.
  • dausmandausman Posts: 6
    @HerbertMarshall You might be able to rent a VPS that is based in the UK and do all of your trading through it, as long as you can still use a US bank account.
  • dausmandausman Posts: 6
    @HerbertMarshall I take that back, I think you might have to show the broker some ID and proof of residence, so I don't know a good loophole then.
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