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Who really uses a signal service and makes money?

I have to admit I also find myself drawn to some of the claims these systems make. But following the 'if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is' mantra I have not (yet) been sucked into one of these scams.

Most affiliates with these scammy signal sites use somewhat the same pattern. They pretend to review systems and warn you of scams and then suggest the one-and-only legit service. Even comments would let you believe you just found the wholy grail. Looking further into the suggested service and you will find that this is also a scammy one.

This site and forum looks to be legit with a rather large community base. Here also recommended/trusted signal services. So that raises the question:

Do some of you use these services? AND make money using them? Thanks in advance.


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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    I have burned my fingers in the past with autotrading and signals. The challenge is that you need to be able to see who is scammy and who is not. Personally I have identified the pattern the thiefs and liars use.

    I do believe that the signal services this site promotes are worthwhile - but it does not necessary mean that you are on the money train. Even the best of traders has a period of not reading the market to their advantage. The real question should be - how will you mentally handle the period of drought? Over a period of time you will make money with a GOOD service - whether it be an autotrader or a signal service - but you will not get rich overnight.
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    ehenderichsehenderichs Posts: 22
    Thanks for your reply. I was just curious, lost my get-rich-overnight illusion a long time ago haha.
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    ya2ndgen23ya2ndgen23 Posts: 10
    List of top signal providers? Anyone?
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    bilweborebilwebore Posts: 3
    In the last 2 months I have tried both Binadroid and Copy buffet. Binadroid less than 20% success rate. CopyBuffet 6 trades, all EUR?USD, all placed exactly 1 hr apart, to the second! ALL LOSSES!
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    JannasJannas Posts: 5
    Blackers I google for MB Trading Group but Firefox block it. It said dont trust this website? Why?
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    edited April 2016
    Jannas - because it's not to be trusted. They are not traders but marketers on the hunt to rob you of your money.
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